Organic blackcurrants grown in Latvia

The cooperative “Bio Berries Latvia” was founded in January 2019 uniting twelve farmers who cultivated organic berries in Latvia. Our number has grown to 36 members and currently we all mostly grow organic blackcurrants – the true C vitamin bombs of the North.

The members of the cooperative believe in natural, healthy produce that has been grown without harm to nature and environment and obtained without the use of chemicals and pesticides.

All 36 Latvian member farms of the cooperative are organically certified. The farms are of different sizes – small ones with 1–3 ha areas of blackcurrants, medium size with 5–40 ha gardens of these berries and also large ones with 40–100 ha blackcurrant plantations. We are all joined by the fact that all the areas are organically certified and we work with organic farming methods only.

Currently the total area of growing organic blackcurrants in our cooperative is more than 550 ha. And that is not all – new gardens are being created with new harvests of berries coming soon.

In the season of 2022 the cooperative delivered more than 300 tonnes of frozen organic blackcurrants grown by our members to our clients.



Starting from August :

  • Frozen Organic blackcurrants (ribes nigrum) - grown in the northern Baltic climate;
  • Frozen
  • ~350 tons
  • Unsorted, right from the harvester
  • Packed in 450 kg cardboard containers with polybag inside, on euro pallet 80 x 120 cm
  • Organic certificated (LV-BIO-01)

sorted organic blackcurrants

Starting from September :

  • Frozen Organic blackcurrants (ribes nigrum)  - grown in the northern Baltic climate;
  • Frozen
  • ~350 tons
  • Sorted with sorting line and TOMRA BLIZZARD optical sorter
  • Packed in 25 kg paper bags, 750 kg on euro pallet 80 x 120 cm
  • Organic certificated (LV-BIO-01)